Forest HIlls Metropolitan District

The Forest Hills Metropolitan District provides the water and sanitation services for the Riva Chase Community as well as other services.

The Forest Hills Metro District (FHMD) was established in the early 1980’s by the original developer of Riva Chase, the Anasazi Group. The FHMD was formed by the developer and by petition to the Jefferson County District Court.

The District was created pursuant to Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, known as the Special District Act (the "Act"), for the purpose of providing water and sanitation services, including a water supply, treatment, storage, transmission and distribution system and a sanitary sewer collection and treatment system, for the inhabitants of the District.

FHMD has broad powers regarding the water and wastewater service, owning and maintaining a roadway system & related facilities and certain park and recreation responsibilities. Tax exempt bonds were issued for the construction of the water, wastewater and roadway infrastructure.

In addition to operating the existing infrastructure, FHMD owns and maintains neighborhood areas such as the ponds, walking trails and playground areas. FHMD provides snow removal and certain landscaping services as well.

The FHMD is NOT the Riva Chase HOA. While the FHMD and HOA are entirely separate entities, they share the common purpose of benefitting the entire Riva Chase and Summerwood neighborhoods. Covenants, architectural standards and other similar functions are managed by the HOA, with FHMD involvement limited to issues that may affect its property, infrastructure or service levels.

For more information, please visit: The FHMD website


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