Riva Chase History

Custom Built in the Canyon

By Timothy McNeel

For a glance into Riva Chase's History, check out the article from the Denver Post Friday Housing section on June 23, 1989:

If you were to ask some famous guy like Donald Trump where Denver was, he'd probably answer with something like, "It's just on the outskirts of Aspen."  Then, a lot of Monday Night Football fans back east also believe Denver is located in the very heart of the mountains (like Mt. Everest only colder) - at the epicenter of a perpetual snowstorm.  

But in reality, Denver is a Great Plains city with mountains - and mountain communities - right in the backyard.  And while some of these communities are a lot of long, narrow roads and winding turns away, Riva Chase is right off of I-70 and right on, when it comes to what you would expect to find in luxury mountain living.  For full article and pictures, please click below:




20 minute commute to Downtown Denver

1 hour drive to Winter Park Ski Resort, 1.5 hours to Breckenridge, Copper, Vail and other Resorts.

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Local Elementary School ranked in top 5% of CO

Riva Chase has access to an enormous amount of excellent school choices nearby.

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Read all about what's going on in Riva Chase!

Upcoming Events, Classifieds, HOA Updates, Volunteer Opportunities, Contractor Recommendations.

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Chasing a Dream -  right here in the foothills

Riva Chase is an aptly-named home community - it's the perfect place to chase, and catch, dreams.

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