Weather and Roads

Snow?  Sure!  But no worries here!

Yes, the foothills above Denver tend to get more snow than in town, but we have one HUGE advantage living here! We have our own private snowplow service – paid for through our taxes – that keeps our streets plowed as soon as we get even a few inches of the white stuff. Then, once we’re plowed, along comes the sand truck to help us gain traction on our hills and curves. The snowplow takes care of the roads all the way to Genesee Ridge Road, maintained by Jefferson county and then it’s clear to I-70, which is a primary route and well-serviced by the Colorado Dept. of Transportation.

We are fortunate, indeed! While we can get in and out, many suburban communities NEVER see a snowplow! But even if you don’t want to get out, you can always snowshoe around the pond, or sip hot chocolate in the gazebo.


20 minute commute to Downtown Denver

1 hour drive to Winter Park Ski Resort, 1.5 hours to Breckenridge, Copper, Vail and other Resorts.

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Local Elementary School ranked in top 5% of CO

Riva Chase has access to an enormous amount of excellent school choices nearby.

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Read all about what's going on in Riva Chase!

Upcoming Events, Classifieds, HOA Updates, Volunteer Opportunities, Contractor Recommendations.

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Chasing a Dream -  right here in the foothills

Riva Chase is an aptly-named home community - it's the perfect place to chase, and catch, dreams.

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